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This summer there are no more teachers no more books for those of us who have graduated and are now in the working force.

Our dream of entering the “real world” has finally come true. But in Boca Raton it’s beyond a dream, this is the fantasy. Here, we are surrounded by a beautiful community filled with palm trees, blue skies, and the sunshine. I thought my days in college were going to be my final opportunity to be a part of a community group.

I am now happy to report I was wrong.

One Boca Raton group that has done a phenomenal job in helping me integrate myself into the Boca business setting is the Downtown Business Alliance aka the DBA. This new group is filled with enthusiastic trailblazers that are excited to provide their expertise to newcomers. Participants in the DBA make up nearly all the businesses located in the Downtown. Similar to the diversity of our city, this Boca Raton group attracts people varying from all different ages, backgrounds, and professions.

As a new college graduate, I would equate this group to a social action club that a student may find on their campus. Like groups on campuses, all participant are passionate and work to make the club successful. Each member plays a pivotal role in the success of the group which helps to create a community within the broader community. As the new premier hotel located in our downtown and member of DBA, the Hyatt Place Boca Raton/Downtown has held most of their meetings at their facility. Some of the fun and interactive programs that I participated in include “Coffee and Kibitz” and a Networking Buffet Lunch.

As a millennial who is used to connecting with people through digital means even professional (LinkedIn) this group is particularly refreshing. Face to face interaction and being able to feel comfortable as a professional is extremely important for the success of an individual and our community. Overall, this group’s core mission is to create and sustain a thriving Downtown. I am so proud to be a part of this exciting effort. For more information about this group, you can visit their Facebook page.

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18 Jul 2017

By By Stephanie Tara