Meet the Board

Michael J. Liss, Esq. President

Mike is the founder and President of the DBA. He was born and raised in Queens, N.Y. He left to attend law school in Dayton, Ohio, where he practiced for a decade prior to moving to Boca Raton. As a single parent, he raised his two college-aged kids in Boca, both of whom graduated Spanish River High School. He is married to Cheryl Van Hare. Mike is an attorney who handles HOA and Condominium disputes, as well as other real estate and business matters.

After moving his office to Downtown Boca Raton, Mike realized that a lot of people own businesses and work in Downtown Boca Raton, but there was no community of and for those people. He decided to form the Downtown Business Alliance of Boca Raton. Today, Mike is a Boca Raton business community figure, leader and organizer. He routinely appears before City Council, writes local opinion pieces, and fully participates in the civic life of Boca Raton.


George Sarkisian, Esq. Treasurer

Gevork (George) Sarkisian is New Yorker by birth, but has spent most his life in Boca Raton. He is an alumnus of Florida Atlantic University and earned his J.D. at Nova Southeastern University. George is an active commercial real estate broker and a practicing attorney. His legal practice focuses on transactional real estate matters. George also provides guidance to landlords and retailers regarding commercial leasing and asset management.

Outside of his work life, George has a beautiful wife and a new-born baby boy. He has been involved with the Downtown Business Alliance (“DBA”) from its inception and serves on the Board of Directors. Through his involvement with the DBA, George has been able to develop relationships with his local community, as well as the people who make the City of Boca Raton work. George is determined to make a difference, not only in Downtown Boca's business community, but also in its philanthropic presence. He strives to make a lasting impact for both local and widespread charitable organizations.


Giovanna Basilio Secretary or

Giovanna Basilio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; however, she has lived in Boca Raton since the age of six. She is a recent Florida Atlantic University alumna and will be enrolled in Nova Southeastern University's Doctoral program in Clinical Psychology in the Fall of 2018. Giovanna is legal assistant to the President of DBA, Michael Liss at Liss Legal Cares, P.A. She is also a proud volunteer GAL through the Palm Beach County Guardian Ad Litem Program. Giovanna has contributed to DBA since its inception and currently assists in all matters from event planning to Board decisions. When she's not updating newletters, working on functions with members, or attending meetings, she's looking for ways to further give back to the community. Please feel free to reach out to her!